Blue Moon Hemp 1000MG Total Eclipse CBD Kush


About Blue Moon Hemp 1000MG Total Eclipse CBD Kush:

Kush CBD has the essence of the Kush plant which is revealed in a light, clean blend for your vaping pleasure. This is our strongest CBD hemp vape oil.

The pure extract from the finest hemp cultivators is refined with precision and efficiency. This is a "whole plant" extract which allows for all 60+ cannabinoids and 400+ Phytonutrients to combine and provide maximum effect for your entire body.

Our proprietary CBD and hemp oil process preserves the "entourage" effect while still removing all of the THC. This means no fail on a drug screen and no psycho-active effects. We use plant only vegetable glycerin and a bio based (non-GMO corn) propylene glycol (70/30) to provide the cleanest, purest and tastiest CBD and hemp oil/vape oil.

Available in 30ml.

Available in 1000MG.

Ingredients and Certificates

Certificate of Analysis: Blue Moon Hemp 1000MG Total Eclipse CBD Kush
    This product may contain: Contains CBD derived from Industrial Hemp.